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"On dit qu'en gage d'amour une none amoureuse l'offrit a un jeune officier... On peut l'imaginer !”


Our history

Eau de Couvent is not the result of chance!


The brand took shape from the moment its creator, Candida Romero, an artist at heart and a painter by profession, discovered the Saint Francis Convent, a marvelous site that she unearthed, invested in, restored, …loved!


The plot takes place in Corsica, in its final North tortured by a beauty which Candida immediately seized to tame. From the hills of Oletta, where the village of Saint Florent is surrounded, stands the Convent of Saint Francis: this is where she has been going for 15 years, regularly and religiously, to find peace and inspiration. .


How can we contain the benevolent effects of its meadows, green despite the harsh drought, of its fruits, tirelessly letting out an invigorating trail as they ripen under a blazing sun?
How can we resurrect the richness of its history and the mysteries that reign supreme in its centuries-old chapel?


This is now done, thanks to a seemingly anecdotal discovery whose good omen Candida immediately endorsed!
During her walks in the tall grass of the Corsican maquis, which form a carpet for her beloved Saint François Convent, she picks up a crystal bottle from which escapes a scent so fresh, light and happy that she must, at all costs, immortalize it, - especially since legend says that as a token of love, a nun offered it to a young officer -. 
What more romantic departure could there be to reveal all the secrets of Nebbio in an eau de toilette?
The answer…in Eau de Couvent.


Thus, since 2010, the seven products in the Eau de Couvent range have come from this project. 



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